Monday, January 23, 2012

Wilmar Villar's murder

Honourable Members of Parliament,

Four days after the murder of Cuban prisoner of conscience Wilmar Villar, we would expect some kind of official statement coming from our government. Even though that would not change the fact that Canada remains the main business partner of the Castro’s clan, it would be nice to hear that the government of Canada cares about human rights and supports freedom.

Wouldn't it be great if our federal government finally take some meaningful steps to be a moral leader in the Americas? On the other hand, what good does it make for Canadian taxpayers to fund a ministry of foreign affairs packed with analysts and all sorts of experts, if these can't even persuade our leaders to publicly identify tyrants by name?

No matter how long it takes, Cuba will eventually be free. Whenever that moment comes, with it will go Cubans gratitude to those who, in faraway corners of the earth like Poland, Lithuania, Czech Republic or Hungary didn't mince words to stand up for freedom on behalf of the people of Cuba. Likewise, shame will come upon those who, despite having all the resources and opportunities, chose to remain silent.

Among the Key Objectives of Canada's Foreign Policy is the projection of Canadian values and culture in the world by promoting universal respect for human rights, the development of participatory government and stable institutions, the rule of law...Therefore, we all know how essential it is to count with strong and unequivocal voices of support when they are really needed. The time for Canada to support a free Cuba is long overdue.


Nelson Taylor Sol

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